This group known as Proto-Kaw came full circle in their music careers and were able to re-launch their existence as a band after a 30 year hiatus. “The Kaw” as their fans affectionately call them, released their latest CD (Inside Out Music) on January 31, 2006, titled "The Wait of Glory" which features 12 new original songs from writer Kerry Livgren.

The "Wait of Glory" continues with their epic rock themes, while emphasizing the strong groove and improv/jams that mark their exciting live performances. It has been met with great enthusiam by both fans and reviewers.

The new CD comes on the heels of their critically acclaimed breakout release "Before Became After". Proto-Kaw, initially an experiment in renewing long-standing relationships, has turned into one of the world's greatest new rock bands.

First formed in 1970, the band called "Kansas" went through three transformations. The sound of the band changed over time, along with the the group members. The band the world came to know as "Kansas" was actually the third version of the band. Proto-Kaw is the reformed, and re-named second version.

This second incarnation began in 1971, after the demise of the first band. "Kansas II", as they were called, played mostly original material written by Kansas composer and guitarist Kerry Livgren. After some hard times and near-misses with record deals, Kansas II disbanded and the group went their separate ways, with Kerry gaining notoriety with the "famous Kansas", and the others assuming normal lives working in various careers. They were mostly out of communication with each other for 30 years, and most did not play music during this long span until the resurrection of the band through this project. That is what makes this story so unique...that Proto-Kaw lives again with three CD's: "Before Became After" (2004), "The Wait of Glory" (2006), and the fourth album, entitled "Forth", released in the Summer of 2011.